Friday, December 22, 2006

Its Christmas !

Well seems like ages since I last up dated...sorry.

Happy Christmas to all.....

Wondering what your Christmas was like...and hoping your having fun and that Santa has been kind to you all LOL....hoping that 2007 will a happy year for everyone.

Our Christmas was lovely, Dad came round for the day and we had too many pressies and too much food was a lovely day. Boxing day was more relaxing Jess and I went to Moulton to get some photos of the Morris men as you can see !

The photo of the dog is Zarla waiting patiently for the kids to get up so that she could have her present! The other photo is Dad playing with his new toy.......

Then some chilling and of course more eating....but the dogs did get their 2 walks as normal so at least we had some exercise LOL....

This is probably my last post for I'll be back to wish everyone (well any one that might read this) a happy 2007.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, Welcome to my blog, its where I upload my some of my photos and have a ramble. So please have a look round, feel free to add a comment (only nice ones please LOL) and enjoy the pictures... Thanks for looking Dawn x