Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Christmas !

Its nearly here...Christmas 2007, where did this year go?

This is Zarla wearing her Santa hat...she is just so cute....but not that happy to have a Santa hat on really..bless.

If your reading this...Happy Christmas and a happy New year to you and yours...I hope 2008 will be a good year for everyone.

I haven't posted for a while I've been so time for a lot of my normal things....but I'm not complaining...things are going in the right dierection for me and I'm enjoying it!

Anyway, thought I'd post now before Christmas comes and take over....I'll post again after Christmas...

Have a good one......if there's anyone out there...LOL LOL

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, Welcome to my blog, its where I upload my some of my photos and have a ramble. So please have a look round, feel free to add a comment (only nice ones please LOL) and enjoy the pictures... Thanks for looking Dawn x