Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer holidays!

Well we're now in week four of the summer holidays, they are flying past as usual. Ben had a fantastic time at summer school at York University and is now in Spain enjoying a water sports holiday with his school.

This has meant that Jessica and I have had loads of girlie time together. We have been down to London twice, the photo's here are from the Tate Modern. This is "modern art".....to be honest some of it is so funny...like the collection entitled "domestic incidents" the two pictures to the left ! I struggle to find the "art" in this but there was some really inspiring stuff too...strange but we enjoyed it.

We had lunch at Pizza Express over looking the Thames, its next door to the Globe. We wanted to see a performance but it had already started :-(

So we went over the Millenium bridge to see St Pauls Cathederal, its been a lot of years since I last visited it and it's still as beautiful as I remembered it. The photo above was taken from inside the Tate. I really like this one...its like a post card!

I have a crop on Saturday so I've been busy trying out the new Wizard die cutter, its fab....the ladies will love it! I have also sorted out a kit for Saturday so that everyone gets the same thing....I'm fascinated to see how they use it ! :-)

Well did I mention that I have a new laptop? No....well its fab except it doesn't have a wireless card in it like it should have ! :-( Dell are now sending out their engineer on Thursday to fit the part to my laptop which should have been fitted to start with and after 3 weeks of frustration I'm hoping that it will now work as it should do ! So watch this space............

Its not long till we go to Scotland on our family holiday, hope the weather is reasonable, don't mind if its not hot as we love to walk. The dogs don't like the heat, Zarla has blown her coat completely and looks quite bare really LOL...

I'll upload some more photo's from London tomorrow.....I have some of a beautiful flower shop in Islington..the flowers were just so gorgeous......

Bye for now

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