Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wolves ! !

Last Saturday Jess and I went to the Uk wolf conservation trust for the day. We had a really great day, we got to go into the enclosure with three juvenille wolves, they came right over to was magical. Then we met Duma and Dakota who were adult female North American wolves, we went out for a walk with them and got to meet them close up too. Although these are wild animals they are socialised to a degree but you did have to be very careful.

They also have European wolves which we saw but couldn't meet as it was breeding season for them and they were very stressed so it wasn't safe to be in their enclosure. But they were gorgeous....I'd like to go back next winter and meet them.

The wolves are just so beautiful, we had a fantastic's some of the photos from the day.


Celfyddydau said...

Beautiful photos I am so jealous

suzy said...

but you do have some brilliant photos of wolfies yourself Olwen, so don't be too jealous!!

these pics are so gorgeous..and even more real life. x

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