Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Time goes by..

(Taken at Bradgate Park)
Time flies by doesn't it..winter seems to have arrived and life is as ever hectic, things don't always go the way you hoped or the way you wanted or sometimes the timing of events doesn't work out. It would be nice if things worked out just a little for once . Guess somethings simply aren't meant to work out.
Still, a new chapter, a new page.. won't be too long before its a new year.. my baby will be 20 in 2011 .. how did that happen? So many great memories and lots to look forward to.
Well I'll post new photos soon, thought I'd just post some ramblings since I haven't posted in a while. If you're reading this its not very interesting I'm afraid, just a place to to dump life and somewhere to post photos through I don't really know why you're reading it LOL .

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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, Welcome to my blog, its where I upload my some of my photos and have a ramble. So please have a look round, feel free to add a comment (only nice ones please LOL) and enjoy the pictures... Thanks for looking Dawn x