Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer's here!

Isn't the weather great, summer at last..here's hoping it lasts longer than a week!

This photo was taken by me at Towcester races on Friday night..it was a beautiful summers evening we met friends and had a lovely evening watching the racing and picnicing.

It will soon be Royal Ascot, I'm looking forward to going, hoping it will be a warm sunny day as I have a gorgeous hat and strappy dress.

The Celtic Tiger show was good, it got mixed reviews so we weren't sure we'd like it but it was fun...we all enjoyed it and the NIA was packed. Probably not as good as Lord of the dance but still a very enjoyable show.

Still looking forward to seeing Robbie in Milton Keynes in September....can't wait for that, its so exciting..

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Anonymous said...

What a fantastic photo!
Just love it.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi, Welcome to my blog, its where I upload my some of my photos and have a ramble. So please have a look round, feel free to add a comment (only nice ones please LOL) and enjoy the pictures... Thanks for looking Dawn x