Friday, September 29, 2006

Almost October

Well here we are its very nearly October and autumn will shortly be in full swing! Love this time of year the colours and the fact the sunrises at a reasonable time which makes for nice photo's.

Talking of which I've started my college course City and Guilds level 2, really enjoying it, lots of work to do for it but I'm learning a lot........

So far we've covered aperture, depth of field and shutter speed...I've learnt to freeze a subject and to blur an action...and all with the camera on manual....I'm no longer afraid of the camera! LOL....

The first image is at sun rise, the second image is actually the moon at 6am with a very long shutter speed......there is NO star filter..its just how it happened!

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suzy said...

i am amazed at the star, i can only imagine how thrilled you were when you saw it in the photo.

I managed to get a lovely photo including a rainbow. i was so pleased with myself.

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