Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Ordinary day!

Today is a very ordinary day, its not raining yet but probably will, I've spent all morning shuffling paperwork around, walked the dogs, cleared up the mess left behind by everyone else.....

I saw a small deer on my walk this morning, he didn't stick around for long, he could smell the dogs. There are 4 nesting pairs of swans on the lake, I can't wait to see how many signets they produce and how many will survive. I'm going back with the camera at the weekend to get some photo's.

I've added a new slide show (well actually I think I did it twice LOL) it contains some of my scrapbook pages.

We are going to Celtic Tiger at the end of the month, looking forward to it although it has had mixed reviews. I'm sure it will be cool!

Still can't believe I'm going to See Robbie in September......oh it seems such a long way off!

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